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BrainCheck provides rapid, mobile cognitive assessment and decision support technology to physicians, empowering them to deliver high-quality, personalized cognitive healthcare to patients everywhere and get reimbursed. The platform helps patients live better and safer lives at home, decreases caregiver frustration, and saves health systems trillions of dollars. Founded in 2015 by neuroscientists and technologists Dr. David Eagleman (Baylor College of Medicine / Stanford) and Dr. Yael Katz, BrainCheck helps reduce the human and economic toll of cognitive impairment and dementia through its interactive cognitive assessment and care management technology.

More than 200 clinical practices and 100,000 people around the world use BrainCheck to detect cognitive changes early and enable collaboration between patients, caregivers, and clinicians to implement personalized recommendations that preserve brain health and functional independence. With BrainCheck, physicians can get paid for cognitive care management (via Medicare reimbursement) and simultaneously reduce healthcare costs by keeping patients healthy, safe, and out of the hospital.

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