Where do I find the TAFP app?

TAFP app is free and available for download inside the App store on your Apple or Android device. Just search “TAFP” to download the app or access the App through the weblink:


I can’t log into the TAFP app. Do I need to use the TAFP app?

Log in information was emailed to you from TAFP this week. Use the email address you have on file with TAFP and the password “as2020” all lowercase. You should use the app to evaluate speakers. Completing the evaluation lets us know how many CME credits to award. If you have questions about how to do that, TAFP staff are available at (512) 329-8666 ext. 0 during the live event.




How do I get my CME credit?

Complete the CME evaluation for each presentation you attend by Tuesday, November 10. Each CME evaluation survey is located under the Agenda, where you will find a link under each presentation title. Certificates will be sent via email by Friday, November 20.


Will you report this to AAFP for me?

Yes, TAFP will report all CME credits from this event to AAFP for members. 


When will I get my CME?

Certificates will be sent via email by Friday, November 20.


Is this live credit or enduring materials?

Because our speakers are live via the Q&A feature or on the phone with us today answering questions, it is classified as a live CME event.





How do I make the slides bigger?

We recommend watching this event on a laptop or desktop computer with a monitor to maximize your screen space. You can maximize the window by clicking the “full screen” icon in the bottom right corner.


How do I ask a question of the speaker?

Located to the right of the speaker’s photo, you will find a Q&A and chat window available for interacting with your fellow attendees and the speakers. Your question can be directed to TAFP staff or the speaker and will be answered during the lecture or at the end.


The speakers will attempt to answer all questions in the Q&A box or live via audio at the end of their lecture. A copy of all answers will be emailed to attendees the week after the event.


Where is the exhibit hall?

We don’t have an exhibit hall, but we hope you will interact with our generous sponsors. You can see our event sponsors in three places:

1) In the upper right-hand corner of the virtual event platform, click on “Sponsors.” You will find the virtual exhibit hall and can click on sponsors’ logos to access their websites.

2) In your CME app, click on this event and then select “Exhibitors” in the bottom right to see a list of all exhibitors and their contact information.

3) All exhibitors and their information can be found on our website here

Note that they are not live for interaction during the CME event, but you can email them for a reply the following business day.


How long will these lectures be available for me to watch?

The lectures will be available for playback on this site starting on Monday morning. Because this CME event is not an enduring material and information can change quickly, they will be removed on December 11. 




Where do I evaluate the speakers?

Use the app to evaluate speakers for CME credit. Select the “2020 Annual Session and Primary Care Summit” event from the list, then click on “ Agenda” under the menu. Click on each individual lecture and you will find the “CME Evaluation link.” If you have additional questions, TAFP staff are available at (512) 329-8666 ext. 0 during the live event.


Can I print this presentation?

Yes, the individual PowerPoint presentations are available as pdf files to download and print in two places.

1) You will find them in the app under “Agenda.” Click the lecture title to download the slides or the black-and-white handout.

2) On this virtual platform, click “Agenda” in the upper right-hand corner to see the schedule and download links next to each lecture title.


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(512) 329-8666

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